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Lewd Conduct

Orange County Lewd Conduct Defense Lawyer

Lewd conduct can be any type of conduct of a sexual nature.

These types of crimes usually fall under Penal Code Section 314, 647(a), 647.6 or any other sex-related type charge.

Lewd conduct cases are very serious, and should not be treated lightly. If you have been accused or charged in such a case, please contact our offices immediately. We can educate and advise you regarding the law which governs these types of acts. Some of these acts can require lifetime sex offender registration under Penal Code Section 290. If required to register under this section, you will likely end up on the internet indicating you as a registered offender.

We can plan a defense and prepare your case in the best way possible, endeavoring to avoid sex offender registration, as well as other serious penalties and sentencing that can be imposed by the court.

Please contact our offices today if you or someone you know has been involved or accused in such a case; and remember, our initial consultation is free.


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